Monsters in the world of Mythical Realms

You can find all types of monsters if you look hard enough, but who is to say it is a good idea to go monster hunting?

The monsters mentioned below should give an overview of the rarity of specific monsters, and from that you can assume how rare a monster is that is not on the list.

Humans, elves, dwarves, etc. are not on the list as they fit into all the rarity levels.

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The Eloisan Empire

The Eloisan Empire stretches for miles in all directions. The kingdom covers different peoples and different cultural backgrounds within the same people. This creates tensions, which have sometimes led to rebellion against the autocratic monarchy, which is the kingdom’s current form of government. The kingdom is by far the largest military power in the area, but this does not prevent the various tribes, not yet subjected, from making looting expeditions.


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The Calendar

Eustris is a planet about the size of Earth, and it spends 24 hours rotating once about its own axis. An orbit around the sun takes 365 days, and every four years a leap day is added to make the calendar add up.

The normal farmer does not care about the date or when the leap day is added, but for the scholars who are trying to keep track of time, this is very important.

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Religion plays a big part in the life of many of the inhabitants of the Mythical Realms. Take e.g. the farmers; they do not sow the new seeds without asking Nodion to give them a greater yield of crops. Same with the sailors, they pray to Ation before setting sail.

In daily life they do not think so much about the gods, but live their lives according to their conscience.

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The Guilds

There are several organizations all over the world, some of them working for peace and some of them the opposite. Some are good and others are evil. The only thing you can be sure of is, if there is an organization working for a goal, there will probably be an organization somewhere that acts as a counterweight to it. Best example is the thieves’ guild against law enforcement. Sometimes the opposite side is not known until you encounter them; others reveal themselves when they are created.

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Money and Magical Items

Equipment and money
All equipment mentioned in the core books is available. Some of it may be in limited supply depending on where in the world you are.

Usually all equipment is bought with money, and money is of course what makes the economy go around. The price list in books is used as a guideline, as it is likely to be at least twice as high in areas outside the big cities, and some areas even more depending on the availability of the item.

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Classes and Races

Like any role playing game, the players will need to make a character with all the abilities and other stuff that make a character complete.

Below you will find what races and classes available to the players in the world of Mythical Realms. Some of the races and classes from the official core books are not available to the players. If you as a GM want them to be included, then feel free to add them as you see fit.

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