Mythical Realms

The world of Mythical Realms is a campaign world made for the 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons. But it quickly be changes to fit other fantasy role-playing game systems if you wish.

It all started a long time ago, with an idea for a fort near a pass through some mountains, and has ended up with what you can read on these pages. But what can you expect on the following pages and from the campaign world?

First, the world of Mythical Realms is made for a campaign I run. Secondly, there will be minor deviations from the things in the official books. If you, as a game master, do not like these deviations, you can just ignore them, they are not set in stone for the world of Mythical Realms.

On this website you will find such things as

  • Information about which races and game classes are available to the players.
  • Information about religion, this include the gods and its influence on the world and its inhabitants.
  • A description of the nations and organizations in the world. Here the various nations, guilds (rogue, bard, wizard and craftsmen), knightly orders and other organizations are described.
  • Information about the world itself, flora, fauna and all the other life forms, magical things, equipment, calendar, language and more.

So welcome to the world of Mythical Realms.

René Krøll